Monday, March 12, 2007


more than anything else, this post is mainly because a friend of mine said he was keeping tabs on my blog, and I want to see if he'll notice that I've written this, or not.

I'm intrigued now you see...


Saw two theatre shows this weekend - one good and one very bad.

The good one had some very good elements in it, and some very bad ones - the very bad one had only very very bad moments in it.

Not much of a review, I know - but I'm brewing something up... who knows if I'll get around to writing it really.

I had my first 'real' audition today. The first time I've had to "prepare two contrasting monologues" etc etc. Fingers crossed I get in (to the course the audition was for). There's something else on Wed that I'm going to go for as well (with the same people - but different course). And I'm supposed to be going to a reading of Hamlet tomorrow, but I think it's going to suck anus, so I'm going to try to get out of it.
The director wants me to read for 'Gertrude' - which is the MUM. Can anyone who knows me see me playing a MOTHER????? I don't think so Joe... maybe in like, 10 years or something, but at the moment I have, what some in the industry might call a baby face so I don't know what she was thinking when the director thought it was a good idea, but remind me never to smoke whatever it is she's got in her pipe, cos I think it might be dangerous stuff...

'Ri..' I mean 'Marco?!'

Saturday, January 27, 2007

I'm still alive

and I'm around.

This is just going to be a quick post.

I'm at an internet cafe.

I no longer have a laptop - it was stolen.
My house was broken into - TWICE.

Joy of joys.

I'm at home alone today, because my cunt of a 'friend' cancelled on our plants to go out and dance tonight. I'm not entirely sure why. If it's because of what I think it is, then it's absolutely fucked. I think he's not talking to me because I teased him about somthing innane. I'm sure that if my other friend had done the exact same thing, it would all be smiles and roses and "oh you..." but because it was me, and this particuar 'friend' has always had a bit of a bee in his bonnet about me, he's cracked it, and yeah.
I'm just grateful that I didn't pay him for the tickets beforehand... otherwise I'd be out of pocket. But now he is, and it's all because he's a big baby.

Anyway - I'm starting a new kickarse diet tomorrow... yay! It's scary, but I should loose a fair bit. I'll take before and after photos to impress everyone with.


Other than that?

I'm a bit lonely at the moment.
I thought I'd end up getting ok with my own company... it's not so much that I don't like it, but I just don't have as much fun... so yeah.
I want more friends... or something.

I keep getting this feeling that I'm pissing everyone off, but I don't know what I'm doing.

Maybe I'm just paranoid.

Anyhoo... I'm going to go now.

Thanks for your time... :P

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm venting again

but it's not too bad at the moment.

The show is coming along well - I'm excited for it to be going on this week - but I wish we had maybe another week or two to polish things up. The first couple of performances are going to be a bit rusty me-thinks. But still heaps of fun.

I'm feeling a bit oddly about boys and stuff at the moment. I'm still occasionally seeing Kim - and it's really funny, because he's really pulled his socks up recently and I'm liking him alot more than I ever did before. (I mean, he's still unemployed and not really 'going anywhere' in life, but that's not the be all and end all of being a good person.) Even Jess mentioned the other day about how the stories I've been telling her about him recently have become alot more impressive, and she's approving a little more of me hanging out with him (not that I need approval, I'm just saying - she's noticed a difference too). I gave him a haircut the other night and I gotta say - he's looking DAMN FINE at the moment!!! phwoah

but it hasn't made any other part of my love life any better. I still don't want to only be with him, and it's bad because I don't think he is interested in an 'open relationship'.

I've just gotten myself a book that was recomended to me by a friend: "The Ethical Slut" and it talks about polyamorous relationships and open relationships etc and how they work and what a good way to go about getting what you want is etc.
I've found it very inspiring but the main question that keeps coming up for me is - 'how do you find like minded people?'

I'm also finding myself asking the question - 'why don't the guys who I actually like (and have crushes on or whatever) ever like me back?' The only guys who I end up with are the ones that just fall into conveniance. The ones that I spend alot of energy thinking about and lusting after are the ones that aren't interested back. I find myself getting a little depressed, because it feels like they're the ones that are 'too good for me' and that's not a nice feeling. Especially when people keep telling me "oh, you can do better than him, why are you wasting your time?" I then have to turn around and say - "actually no, apparently I can't do better than him..."


anyway, I actually am generally happy at the moment - I just have had to live through a couple of bouts of unrequited love recently and it's becoming irritating (like a itch in the middle of your back that you can't reach - and you can't do anything about).

If anyone has any solutions for said itch, let me know.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kiss Me Where You Punch Me

*or, 'the best name in show business'

two flyers for you peeps. Read them carefully.

One is an invitation to a party next week, at Glitch Bar. Yes, it costs to get in - but that's how GOOD the party is going to be.

The other is a flyer for the show Kiss Me Where You Punch Me that in case you didn't hear it the first time I screamed it from the roof-tops - I have the lead in! We start sooner than even I realised - so get ur tix and come and see the awesome-goodness that is the play.

(there's a booking no. you can ring this time to make sure you get tickets - yes, the last show we did there - we had to TURN PEOPLE AWAY because we were SO popular!)

Monday, October 09, 2006

testing testing 1, 2, 3...

well howdy

thought I might do an actual post (instead of just plugging the latest project) for a change. How's things? Is everybody well?

My life is trundling along nicely. Well, sometimes it's been nice, and other times not so much - but you know... you ride the roller coaster of life, right?
And it's supposed to be fun, right?

I'm entering a new stage of single-dom, although it's not quite going to plan. See, I finally bit the bullet and stopped calling Kim my 'psuedo-non-boyfriend' and started calling him my actual 'boyfriend' - even though every time I did so I almost choked on the word. But then I realised that if the word was making me choke to such the degree, then the whole thing probably wasn't for the best - and last weekend I finally managed to muster the courage and call the whole thing off. There were tears and tender moments, and it was hard but it was all for the best. Let's just not mention the fact that I'm now writing this on his computer... because even though I saw him yesterday as 'just friends' and was quite good about it, my resolve crumbled today, and we were back in bed together. This doesn't mean that we're 'back to gether' but just for tonight, I'm going to stay over and we're going to have a good ol' romp in the bedroom.

Yes, I know, I'm weak, but a good ol' romp is a good ol' romp... and I know that's how I got myself into this sticky situation in the first place, but....well.... I'm weak. (and yes, I know, I already said that... but I feel that if I seem self aware, people will think that I know what I'm doing... )

It's been just over a year now since Dan and I broke up. It's strange - I keep bringing it up with people that I really shouldn't (I mean, guys that you're fucking don't really want to know about your ex's) but I always think about it. I thought I would have gotten over it by now, but I guess not. I still have a small amount of baggage that I'm not sure I'll ever really be rid of.

I was taking stock of my life, and how much it's changed in the last year. It's been insane! I feel like a very new person, even though I'm still not quite who I want to be. I think I'm getting closer though.

Obviously, I'm doing a lot of performing - and it's been FANTASTIC! I had forgotten what a difference it makes when I have a project, and not only a project but something I feel passionate about, in my life. I enjoy it soooo much, and while I know that's not a good enough reason to do something (necessarily), I also feel like it's worthwhile. I'm pushing myself more, and I seem to be getting a good response from people. My plan is to just throw myself into as many productions as I possibly can to get more experience and practice - to get better! I'm still thinking of going and studying it in some shape or form next year, but for now, like I said - my plan is just to do as much of it as I can. And the more I'm in, the more people are asking me to be in other stuff, so it's all going swimmingly.

I'm feeling a little scattered at the moment, so I'm not sure that this is going to be a coherent post really, but I guess I'll read over it tomorrow in the harsh light of day and fix any major continuity errors. I can't think of anything worthwhile to speak about that won't get me into trouble in some shape or form...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dangerous and Dead

THEATRE IN BARS is holding a showing called 'Dangerous and Dead' this Thursday, 5 Oct at RMIT from 7pm to 8pm.

This event starts with a viewing by dancer and choreographer, Meredith Lewis, of a spanking-good snippet from her Fringe show 'Dangerous Relations' (which starts on Oct 10 and goes until Oct 15). The dance piece will get you moist for about 10 minutes; you are then invited to provide some feedback to Meredith to help her add the finishing touches before the sexy debut of her entire show the following week.

After this, there will be some readings from 'kiss me where you punch me', a comically dark play that Michelle has written. It's about a dysfunctional family stuck together for eternity in hell... desperate for peace, reliving their death each day, consumed with guilt and resentment, with only robots and zombies to keep them company. Sounds fun! I'll also be after some feedback as the play will be performed at Glitch bar in November.

I know you might be busy with Fringe...but our little event is FREE!!! and we provide nibbles and wine. The location is RMIT, 360 Swanston Street, Building, Meeting Rooms C & D (near the Union shop and Student Union, look for the signs we'll put up).

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Penny Machinations

Roll up, roll up beautiful people, Penny Machinations is back and bigger than ever!

Opening this Friday on the stage of the Fringe Club in the Main Hall of the North Melbourne Town Hall, PennyMachinations offers the finest array of performance experiments this side of yesterday.

Shared between our five beautiful private-viewing tents, and changing between Fridays and Saturdays, are over 30 pieces to see and enjoy. Everything from comedy to movement to kitchen-sink drama is on offer and our crew of gorgeous performers are champing at the bit to provide you with an experience to remember. Mix and match your night with whatever pieces takeyour fancy. Try them all, try them twice!

The 2006 crew are... drum roll please...: Bron Batten,Vanessa Bennett, Belle Bortone, Angus Grant, RichardHiggins, Margaret Locke, Lucy Nelson, Sharni Page,Michael Parry, Emma Porteus, Joel Radcliffe, Wes Snelling, Mark Tregonning and Alia Vryens.

With all this lovely talent on offer for just $2 apop, how can you say no??

Grab your gold coins and hop on down to the Club everyFriday and Saturday of the Fringe (29th sep - 14oct) between 8 and 10pm (the early birds avoid the queues).

Roll up, roll up.

I'm performing on the 29th Sep, 30th Sep (filling in for Margie in the 'Bearded Margie' tent), and the 6th and 13th of Oct!